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Jungle Book Review

I finally watched the Jungle Book and not sure why all the hype is around it.  To me it was more of a live action Disney animated movie as opposed to Rudyard Kipling‘s original book.  I enjoyed it visually, but telling the story again the Disney way wasn’t a good choice.  Having said that, the acting by Neel Sethi is just superb!  This kid is amazing and is probably the reason why Disney is rushing into a sequel.  Disney knows once this kid hits puberty thats it.  The window of opportunity for a Jon Favreau Jungle Book franchise rests on this kids adolescence.  At some points a little scary for a PG movie, but kids now are playing way more violent video games to even notice.  One thing that stands out to me, as both good and bad, is King Louie.  Voiced by the unmistakable Christopher Walken, his character steels the top of the very intense third act.  That is until the musical starts.  At the hight of intensity they break into song!?  It was the most awkward point in the movie.  Thankfully the climactic battle between Mowgli and Shere Khan was thrilling.  Although, for a second there I was afraid they might break into song and dance.  

An all around good cast, with a strong lead and a visually perfect film wasn’t enough for me to get through the rough, and sometimes forced, recreation of the Disney animated movie.  I give it 3.5 Stars.



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