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Hateful 8: No movie this year demonstrated the power of the spoken word more than the Hateful 8. Guns made the loudest noise but words had the biggest impact. Quentin’s screenplay stuffs 8 ruthless mean people in a room and makes them play whodunit. And after everything is revealed, you immediately want to hit rewind to catch what you missed.


Beasts of No Nation: Netflix’s first feature film. Idris Alba (Stringer Bell to all those in the know) shows us how children can be easily manipulated to follow a monster. Alongside Sicario, Beasts shows us a truth and knowledge we never wanted to know. Bad events are happening in Africa and Netflix shows us just how bad with Beasts of No Nation.


Sicario: This movie skips the glitz and glamour of the drug world. Emily Blount serves as our proxy as we discover the true nature of the war on drugs through her eyes. We see how ineffective that war really is and what depths cartels and U.S. will stoop to, at the bare minimum, slow down the chaos that surrounds it. Watch for Del Toro’s unsettling turn as well.


Creed: A movie about Apollo Creed’s son shouldnt be this good. It should be just a cheap cash out of the Rocky legacy. But it is this good. It actually pretty damn great. Michael B. Jordan (Wallace to those in the know) makes us care about him by sheer force of personality. He is mesmerizing to watch. And with Sylvester Stallone give one of his best performances, Creed becomes of the best movies of the series.


Mad Max Fury Road: One word describes this movie best. Chaos. Watch it on the biggest and loudest screen you can find. It deserves it. And who would have thought Charlize Theron would be the baddest person in that crazy world. An All Timer in the action movie genre. -@BFlores44


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