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Blue Water Rafting Tour in Maui

If you find yourself in Maui and want to do some snorkeling and exploring, I recommend Blue Water Rafting Tours.  The guys that lead my tour, Joe and Teddy, where great!  Aside from me getting sea sick, because of my week stomach, it was really cool to see the island from areas most haven’t.  The Lava fields that I saw where amazing, put that along with some of the best snorkeling with knowledgable info from the tour guides and you got a repeat customer.  I just have to remember the Dramamine next time.  Here are just some of the hundreds of pictures my son took, because I was balled up in the fetal position the last hour our of the trip.   Thanks guys for everything I’ll definitely be back.  You can check out their website, but they mainly work from word of mouth and by repeat customers so don’t judge a book by its cover. 

-David “the sick dude”


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