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Chance drops mixtape and its FIRE!

Chicago Stand up!  I’ll go through it track by track because its that good.

1-All We Got – Its different to hear somebody rapping about how good his life is. At some point you think hiphop isn’t rapping about how good your life is its usually about how bad it is, but why?  Why can’t it be about good things in your life and faith.  Chance and Kanye Know they got it good and don’t mind sharing on this track with the Chicago Children’s choir.

2-No Problem – There is something about kids singing on hip hop tracks that gets me right in the feels.  Chance is helped out by Weezy and 2 Chainz on one of the best tracks on the mixtape.  2Chainz really just steals the show on this track though, hands down.

3-Summer Friends – Listening to this track you totally hear a BonIver love.  Not sure if its Francis or the Lights that is mimic’ing BonIver, but they do a great job on a song that is possibly about kids dying in the summers in Chicago.


5-Blessings- “I don’t make songs for free I make the for freedom” right out the gate he hits you with one of the best lines in the mixtape.  Despite what your beliefs are when you hear blessings you feel comfort and joy.

6-Same Drugs- Good story telling here but kind of lost me for a bit on this track.

7-Mixtape- With a little help from Thugger and Yachty, this slow melodic beat shows a different side of Chance.

8-Angels- If you’re from Chicago you’ve heard this song for almost 2 years now, and its still up lifting.  Possibly the reason he got on Kanye’s radar to be on the now classic Ultra Light Beam.

9-Juke Jam- A slow jam here featuring the unexpected Justin Bieber.  Not a bad track but with a name like Juke Jam and being from Chicago I was expecting an actual Juke Jam, not a slow Jam.  Still good just change it the title to Slow Jam.

10-All Night- One of my favorite tracks on the mixtape.  Fun, happy dance track with a old school Chicago house feel to it  “Start dancing hoe”.

11-How Great- After a 3 minute gospel intro, the beat drops and we finally get a beautiful Jay Electronica and Chance colab that I never knew I needed to I heard it.

12-Smoke Break- This song is the definition of wavy.  Up and down beats with deep bass drops and a perfect cameo by Future who if you listen closely might have dissed Desiigner. Waves.

13-Finish Line Down – The most gospel song on the mixtape that feature non other than Mr. Kirk Franklin!

14-Blessings- More then a song, this track sounds like a reading out of his diary.  The verse he delivers seems like it is a continuation of his verse on Ultra Light Beam.  “ARE YOU READY!”

All in all I think this mixtape is great and could’ve/should’ve been his album.  Its unfortunate that it isn’t his album, now fans will be expecting bigger things from Chance 3.  If he can deliver, which he’s very capable of doing, he could be raps second coming.  He has the potential to be what we wanted Kid Cudi and Drake to be.  The savior of hip hop who could take it into the next wave.



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