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Civil War, Spiderman and Napster?





We already know this movies going to be really good, there is no need to show me more!  We live in a society where nothing is a mystery for to long anymore.  The only true mystery is what sex your child will be, and we still ask to know!  We are a needy and impatient society, I love it!  I’m lucky to have lived in the era before smart phones, I enjoyed being surprised.  I miss going the theatre just to watch the trailers because that was the only place to see the new ones but, I also enjoy getting the name of the starting 3rd base men of the 1986 World Series Mets at a moments notice.  Showing to much in a trailer is what movies have been doing recently after the 2nd trailer, thats when I tend to not watch anymore.  Its like a car accident though, you don’t want to look but something inside you just wants to glance at it for a second, so yes from time to time I do watch beyond the second trailer and usually end up upset.  Whether it be a plot point, a character, or a scene that can potentially give something away, or in some cases down right just give away the movie, I don’t want to see those scenes anymore.  I do get why the studios do it though.

The studios bank on that first week number and if they don’t divulge all the awesomeness up front and int eh trailer people won’t go see it.  Needy and impatient.  Take Civil War for example, if we all went in the movie not knowing the deal Sony and Marvel made to have Spidey in the movie that first week box office numbers would have still been good (really good), but adding the knowledge of Spider-Man in the movie makes it box-office -breaking-records good.  So, again I get it.  I know who the market is and it isn’t me anymore, or is it.

Variety came out yesterday with a report that Sean Parker is in talks with “Major” Hollywood studios to release movies to your home same day of their box-office releases for $50!  The company called The Screening Room offers anti-piracy technology that offers new releases in your home, I’m saying it again because I can’t believe it, the same day they hit theaters!  Its being shopped around Hollywood and people are bitting.  Cost would tentatively be $150 for access to the set to box that would transmit the movies and $50 per movie.  Like itunes you’d only get 2days to watch it before it goes away, like Keyser Soze.  This my friends is what you’d call a game changer and yes its Sean Parker, yes that Sean Parker, a bit of a douche lord.  Nobody can deny though he did revolutionize the way we get our music, he did.  He may do the same thing for Movies and this time legitimately.


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