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Last night was the first of 2 nights of Less Than Jake at the Double Door in Chicago. Each night they are doing one of their classic albums. Last night was LOSING STREAK, their first major label album from 1996. They opened the show with it and did the whole album front to back. The Double Door was a packed house full of ska punks singing along to every word. I’ve seen them do this album live before and this time was even better. Maybe it was the fact they were in a smaller club and that is the perfect setting for a band like Less Than Jake. Even the deep cuts like “Krazy Glue” and “Ask the Magic 8 Ball” were very welcomed by the diehard fans. After they ripped through LOSING STREAK, the band came back out and treated the crowd to a handful of gems from their other albums. One of my favorite LTJ songs, “Look What Happened” was included in the encore and the night concluded with “The Ghosts of Me and You”.

As always Less Than Jake did not disappoint and put on a fantastic night of ska punk. They will be back at it tonight at the Double Door performing their 1998 album, HELLO ROCKVIEW. The show is sold out so if you didn’t already get a ticket you’re going to miss out, but I will be back with my review of the show tomorrow.
4 ½ out of 5 stars
– @RingmasterTodd



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