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Daredevil Season 2 spoiler free


The second season of Daredevil began March 18th on Netflix and….

.the-funny-picture-russia-is-about-as-normal-as-a-man-enjoying-a-kick-to-the-groin-35-photos-3Yeah, this was pretty much my weekend.

If watching season 1 was like watching a Jason Bourne movie, than Season 2 is like doing a ride along with Jason Bourne.  Matt Murdock is back at it again trying to clean up Hell’s Kitchen and, much like season 1, season 2 has many references to the comics.  In some parts of the season even using the same dialogue as the comics. (see below)  This series is literally non-stop action with a legit story behind it.  The season references the War Zone story line a bunch, but feels more like the comic ‘The People vs Frank Castle’ or ‘The Trial’.  Along with the great story lines involved, it holds no punches with language and the in your face violence that we loved from season 1.  Remember the hallway scene, we get something just as good if not better in the episode “New York’s Finest”.  Marvel even pushes the envelope on the langue they use, making it more adult then anything I’ve seen them do thus far.  At one point Daredevil is even called a “Pussy” by the Punisher.  Daredevil also introduces Electra along with The Punisher, and without giving anything away both actors kill it.  With new threats, and a few inter weaving plots to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Daredevil is clearly setting up for  The Defenders.  I recommend you don’t binge watch like I did and spread it out over a month because when its done it will leave you wanting more, in a good way of course.  I give Daredevil Season 2 5 stars, and a must watch.



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