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Dear Red Devil

SpackleAn open letter to Red Devil, creators of One Time Lightweight Spackling Compound,

Dear Red Devil,

I am writing you today to tell you about my experience using your One Time Lightweight Spackling Compound. I’m a little embarrassed to admit but in the past I have used white toothpaste to fill nail and screw holes in my walls. Especially when I was a renter. Now I’m a homeowner.

The other day, I was suddenly in the need to fill some holes. I found myself at the local Ace Hardware store gathering supplies to accomplish my task. I decided that the time had come for me to act as an adult and use a professional spackling compound to help retain the value of my home, and because the days of using inferior products should be regulated to a fond memory of my youth.

After using your One Time Lightweight Spackling Compound I’m proud to announce that I shall be returning to white toothpaste for all of my future spackling needs.

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