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Game of Thrones S6 EP1






What we learned from this episode…

  • We finally got to see the pay off from Melisandre we see her old witch face.
  • We see that Arya is blind and homeless, but is being taught a lesson.
  • The Nights Watch were not all on the same page with killing Jon Snow.
  • Cersei is going to burn down the world now that her daughter is dead.
  • Dorn is going to be ran by some kick ass women.
  • The Mountain is still a Zombie.
  • Brienne of Tarth still kicks ass and she finally found Sansa!
  • Tyrion is trying to unravel who’s behind those golden masks.
  • Daenerys is a Dothraki Widow which means she needs to stay in a widow’s camp?
  • Jorah Mormont is a slowly becoming a stone man.
  • Margaery still in prison.

Over all it was a good “where are they now” episode that left us with a lot more questions then we started with. The biggest question: what are they going to do with Jon Snow’s body?!

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