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As you may have heard that Warner Brothers and MGM are planning to reboot Tomb Raider – The news is that the new version will be based more on the origin story presented in the 2013 game by Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix.

CBS has renewed five of their freshmen shows from this season, including “Supergirl”, “Code Black,” “Limitless,” “Life in Pieces” but – Jane Lynch’s “Angel From Hell” is a question mark since it was pulled after five showings. Also, “Rush Hour” — yes, based on the 1998 film — and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” have yet to premiere… so probably shouldn’t be counted?

Speaking of Supergirl – there’s going to be a Flash cross-over March 28th. “Who’s the fastest person alive” contest – which seems to harken back to a classic track match between the Flash and her cousin in Superman No 199.

And AMC is going to bring “Into the Badlands” for another season. Having the third highest rated first season in cable history might have something to do with that.

Sony Pictures Animation is moving forward with their “Ghostbusters” animated movie.

All you MSTie’s out there -Rifftrax wants to have a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reunion, and they are asking 6 million from fans to do it. They’re currently half way to their goal on Kickstarted for phase one. 

Oh, and just a little movie trivia: Taco Bell was replaced in favor of Pizza Hut in “Demolition Man.” How come? They ain’t got no Taco Bell in Europe. ‘La Tacqueau Belle’Hump Day

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