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J.K. is the new J.G.


Zack Snyder has casted J.K. Simmons for Justice league as Jim Gordon.  For anyone who’s seen Whiplash, you know that J.K. can act.  He showed us he can have a mean side to him, which means he has range and Gordan is going to need that.  If you think about it he’s actually a really good look for James Gordon, a normal guy who’s grizzled about how corrupt the city he lives in is, yea he looks the part.  But he’s bald.  This bothers me just how Michael Clark Duncan play Kingpin did.  Lets hope they don’t put a wig on him like they did in Spider-Man (sigh).  It’ll just take me out of the movie entirely if they do that.  Other then that I’m happy with this casting.  #NOWIGFORJK


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