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So this weekend Beyonce dropped one of the best heart break albums of all time!  I put it up there with No Doubts TRAGIC KINGDOM and Alanis Morissette’s JAGGED LITTLE PILL.  Highlights include SORRY, FORMATION, and the Kendrick Lamar assisted FREEDOM.  She calls out Jay basically in ever song except DADDY LESSONS.  There she just calls her Dad out, obviously.  I’m sure this was Jay’s face while listening to the album.jay-mad1

I enjoyed the album and loved that she went and collaborated with Jack White (DON’T HURT YOURSELF ) and James Blake (FORWARD).  While we are on the subject of the song FORWARD, why isn’t it longer? Also, why isn’t Bae on the song more?  On a whole it feels incomplete as an album, but as a “Visual Album” its top notch.  I guess I’m looking for a resolution from all the story telling she did in the album and didn’t get it.  I give the album 4 stars and 3rd on the heart break albums list;  1) JAGGED LITTLE PILL  2)TRAGIC KINGDOM.


Not going to go through the story of the infidelity because I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, but just incase you where wondering who “Becky with the good hair is” check out Rachel Roy’s Tweet.





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