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Did Nolan do more harm than good with Batman?







In 1989 Tim Burtons Batman came out and was the highest grossing film adaptation of a DC Comic book, until the Dark Knight in 2008.  Burton Made this fantastical world that, visually, left little to the imagination (in the 80’s of course).  It even won an Oscar for Best Art Direction.  His story on the other hand wasn’t without flaws, he admittedly went on record saying he did not read any of the Batman source material (comics) to prepare for the movie.  So you made a comic book movie without reading comics got it.  Regardless, with a budget of only $35 million, Burtons Batman grossed 402.1 milly worldwide.  People loved it, including myself.  Now fast forward nearly 20 years later, and past a series of “Schumacher-y” Batman movies, we get the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise.  They are dark, gritty, realistic, cerebral, chilling even, basically an all around good series of movies with exceptional writing.  Taking nods from classic Batman storylines like, The Long Halloween, Knight Fall and most notably Brian Azzarello’s The Joker.  Even gaining Heath Ledger a best supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of the Joker, in the Dark Knight.  By following loosely on some of the best Batman stories and putting his own style of writing and film making he created possibly the best trilogy since The Godfather.  Therein lies the problem.

There is life for DC comic book movies after Nolan and before Nolan (A.N and B.N). We as a movie going society can not un-see the masterfulness that is the Dark Knight trilogy.  Its impossible to shake the amazing acting and storytelling we saw in the trilogy.  We now expect greatness in every DC comic book movie and we shouldn’t, we should be looking to have fun in the theater.  We are there to see our childhood characters on screen fighting bad guys, not to dissect the movie into pieces because there is “too much going on”, that’s a job for the critics.  I mean, how awesome is it going to be to see Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent on screen with one another, let alone with Diana Prince!  Nolan did us a favor and made Batman movies for the ages.  With story lines that may never be topped by another comic book movie ever, possibly the reason Marvel decided to go fun and campy because Nolan perfected dark and real.

So as you go into Batman v Superman this weekend realize what you are there for.  Also, let’s not forget Christopher Nolan is the Executive Producer of BvS.



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