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A Perfect 10 Cloverfield Lane






The 3 act structure in film making is something that is used in 99.9% of the movies you watch.  First act is exposition, second act is rising action and third is the resolution.  Nobody has ever done movies separating the three from each other as well as JJ is doing with the Cloverfield franchise.  JJ Abrams has already cemented himself as a master film maker and now he’s changing the game entirely.  He made a whole movie just on the first act of his story, now we have 10 Cloverfield Lane, which is subsequently your Second act.  He’s successfully created a world in which movies can be made for years to come, without having to stick to the original story line.  His Current installment of the Cloverfield Universe is by far the best of the 2.  John Goodman is amazing in this move, channeling characters like Psycho’s Norman Bates and Robert De Niro in Cape Fear.  Which in my opinion are some of the best psychopaths we’ve seen on screen, ever.  I don’t want to give a detailed review because it will give to much of the movie away, half of what makes this movie great is the suspense, the thrill and the uncertainty that you will feel throughout it.  So let me just say that JJ has successfully made one of the best movies of the year completely under the radar.  It will continue to fly under the radar of big block buster movies all spring, but that is a good thing.  Do yourself a favor and go watch it before somebody spoils it for you.  I give 10 Cloverfield Lane 5 STars!





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