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RIOT FEST 2016 (My Predictions)

This morning the folks at Riot Fest announced that the original Misfits lineup will be one of the headliners at this years installment of Riot Fest.  It will be the first time that the lineup of Danzig, Doyle and Only have played together since 1983. It has been known that there has been bad blood between them forever basically, so Riot Fest pulling this off is a big feat. This isn’t the first time Riot Fest has pulled something out of left field before any other fests have. They did it a couple years ago with The Replacements.  misfits_admat_OFFICIAL-small-662x1024

Riot Fest has also announced they wont be returning to Toronto this year and are just sticking to Denver (Sept 2nd – 4th) and Chicago (Sept 16th – 18th).  Riot Fest is by far my favorite outdoor festival. Once they became an outdoor weekend extravaganza that caters to more of the mid thirties and up demographic, I was hooked.  Now that is not saying that youngsters can’t enjoy it. There is something for everyone.  They mix in newer and up and coming acts with the older and legacy acts. It’s basically like if the SiriusXM station Faction was a music festival, Riot Fest would be it. For an open minded old schooler like myself, it is perfect. Last year felt like it was tailor made for someone like me who likes many different genres. Ice Cube, De La Soul, Cypress Hill, Anthrax, Faith No More, Rancid, Billy Idol, Dirty Heads, Expendables, Living Colour, Less Than Jake, Fishbone, Civ, System of a Down, Prodigy and so much more. I was in heaven and it is going to be hard to top that or even come close to it, but if any fest could Riot would be the one.

So lets get into my guesses/wishes/predictions for the rest of the 2016 Riot Fest lineup.  Now I will let it be known that I do know people in the Riot Fest camp but they are very good at keeping the lineup a secret and I did not speak to anyone and get any insider knowledge. This is all me and what I think will be announced. First off when I interviewed Pepper in Atlanta a few weeks ago they let the cat out of the bag that they are playing it, so there is one. It is probably a given that Andrew WK and Gwar are playing since they play every year. Also there seems to be bands that play every other year. So NOFX, Dropkick Murphy’s and Mighty Mighty Bosstones are highly probable.

Here are some guesses for you. Most people are thinking Tool will be a headliner which I have to agree with. They did some dates this winter but didn’t come here and they have played Lollapalooza before so it makes sense. A big guess for me is Green Day. They have been on hiatus for a while after Billie Joe had some addiction problems but I know they have been working on a new album.  Here’s another that might happen. I did some detective work to piece this one together. Rob Zombie, now hear me out, you might say he don’t fit but System of a Down played last year and you could throw Zombie in the same category as them. Here is why I am guessing Zombie. He is currently on tour with Disturbed and they are playing the Chicago area multiple times sans Zombie. That Open Air metal fest that is playing at Toyota Park in July has every nu-metal band in sight on the bill but no Zombie. He is also playing all over the Midwest on his current tour into late August and no Chicago date. So there is my evidence lets see if I am right.

I have also heard rumblings of Avenged Sevenfold. A metal band also not playing the Open Air Festival. There has also been some hoping that Smashing Pumpkins with James Iha and Darcy in the lineup. I don’t think that is far fetched. Last year had the late Merle Haggard  so for them to snag another country legend like Willie Nelson would make sense. Same goes for George Clinton, last year Bootsy brought the funk and had a huge crowd so it would be a no brainer for some P-Funk.

Another band that has suspicious tour dates is Fitz and the Tantrums. They  have a tour this summer and it is lacking Denver and Chicago dates. At first they might not seem like a fit for Riot, but past bands that seemed out of the ordinary have been booked like, Modest Mouse, Kongos and The National. Alice in Chains is another that  has a tour with no Chicago date but does have a Denver date. If they do not do Riot in Chicago then I say there is a chance they will be opening for Guns n Roses at Soldier Field because they did open a couple dates with them in April.

Now lets get into the hip hop side of things. Last year they blew me away by booking three of my favorite Old School acts, De La Soul, Cypress Hill and Ice Cube who brought out DJ Yella and MC Ren for a partial N.W.A. reunion. This year has been a harder guess for me. My initial guess/wish was A Tribe Called Quest but with the recent passing of Phife that sadly can’t happen. One of my other personal favorites that I am hoping is on the lineup is House of Pain, they sporadically do dates and haven’t been here in a few years. LL Cool J could be a possibility too, he would go over huge with the Riot crowd. Run-DMC is also a possibility for Chicago, they booked them in Denver last year. There’s always a chance of any solo Wu-Tang members or maybe Method Man and Redman. Ice-T is coming to town with The Art of Rap tour along with Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature and many other hip hop legends so I am assuming they are all out. Perhaps Ice-T’s little metal side project, Body Count though??

As far as some older legacy acts that haven’t graced the Riot Fest stage yet, how about Devo? Or maybe Joe Jackson? I think he’d be great, the same way Elvis Costello was years ago. How about Alice Cooper or his little side project, The Hollywood Vampires? They did have a Ravinia date that got cancelled not long after they announced it. Twisted Sister is also calling it quits after this year, so it would be bad ass to have them rock out in Douglas Park. Veruca Salt is back together and so is Nerf Herder for some 90’s alternative nostalgia. Local H has never done Riot Fest either. I was hoping for Helmet but they are on Open Air Fest and have a Double Door show in July. Last summer Deftones and Incubus toured together, so I can see either of them if not both doing it this year. On the ska side, Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish haven’t played the fest. On the stoner rock side we have bands like Royal Blood, Wolfmother, and Fu Manchu that have not been a part of Riot Fest yet. For the past two years we got members of the big four of metal. In 2014 it was Slayer and last year it was Anthrax so would it be so far off to guess Megadeth this year? Testament played Denver last year so maybe them in Chicago too.  riotgreat

That is pretty much all i got, so let me know what you think of my predictions and guesses. You can leave us comments on our facebook page

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I will end with this, if there was to be one wow factor band to go along with The Misfits announcement, how about Rage Against The Machine?  It is an election year and it would be perfect before Trumps America tries to become a reality.

– @RingmasterTodd

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