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RIP Notorious BIG







The black Frank White, Biggie, Biggie Smalls, Big, and of course The Notorious B.I.G died today in 1997.  I can’t believe its been almost 20 years since he died.  He was, and is, my favorite rapper of all time hands down.  The first time I heard Juicy I was in awe, I’ve heard many different voices in hiphop but his just captured you.  My Dad was an old school DJ (or at least thought he was )and would play old funk, RnB, salsa, pop and early hiphop albums all the time so when I heard that sample of Juicy Fruit I was hooked.  I always think of how many great his albums we missed out on of a dumb feud.  Juicy on repeat all day today.the_notorious_big_glasses_chain_look_face_14497_3840x1200


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