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Stranger Things on Netflix

J.J. Abram’s ‘Super 8’ was an homage to Steven Spielberg. Which makes ‘Stranger Things’ by Matt and Ross Duffer downright fellatio.

‘Stranger Things’ takes place in the 1980’s in a tiny town where everyone knows everyone, and apparently there’s a giant secret government building just outside the woods. There are some strange power outages, as explained by the local newscaster. A little boy goes missing, and the clueless sheriff bumbles about. Then a little girl appears – but she’s either got an extreme case of PTSD, or she’s never experienced ice cream before…. Where did the boy go? Where did she come from? Can the little boy’s nerdy friends or his mother Winona (Alien: Resurrection) Ryder find out what happened in time? Oh won’t someone worry about the children?

I could take the time and explain where I’ve seen all these elements before – from E.T. to Close Encounters to… look it’s just easier to say I feel it’s a mix-tape of other shows and movies put into a blender, and put in a retro-wrapper to make me buy it. Three out of four people seem to love the thing as it’s hitting 75 out of 100 on Metacritic. It garners a look, and I will even continue to plow through it to see Matthew (Cutthroat Island) Modine with crazy mad scientist/government honcho white hair. I guess that’s the coconut flakes on that retro candy bar I used to like?

What are your thoughts? Maybe you dumped Netflix after the rate hike?cMoBMGo


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