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In 2005 I was on the Market for a House. Being a first time home buyer, and young, I was very naive. Luckily I was buying it with someone who was not. The original loan officer that a “FAMILY FRIEND” sent me to was a crook, he tried to put us in a Million dollar home when we couldn’t even afford groceries, all because we both had verifiable income. Something he apparently was not use to dealing with. She called him out on his bullshit and we left, later I found out that he had sold many houses to immigrant families, who would later loose their houses. The Big Short is about those times.
The movie has a very good true story and great all around acting by the second best cast in 2015 (behind Hateful Eight). I was very thrown off when I saw Adam Mcay was directing, typically a comedic director (Anchorman 1&2, Step Brothers) I had my doubts on him tackling a very scary and real subject but, he did good. I kind of would’ve hoped for an Aaron Sorkin script & David Fincher direction but anyhow. The movies star was Ryan Gosling, he shines as the fast talking Jared Vannett. The movie does a great job of explain the housing crisis and why it happened. Although the movie starts off strong it hits a bit of a stand still at the end, I guess you can’t really fake what happens in real life since its a true story. At the end you feel a little dirty because the characters you learn to root for actually profit from the crisis! It can’t be a spoilers if its a true story people. Overall good acting but falls flat I still think its a must watch of 2015 and has a really good chance of doing well at the Oscars in the best movie category. I’ll give it a #MUSTwatch @romandoingwork

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