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Top 5 scenes from Daredevil Season1



With Daredevil season 2 going live today, I decided to re-watch all of season 1 to refresh my memory of how awesome this Netflix series is. Halfway through I knew I had to put together some of my favorite scenes from season 1 to share with everyone. [Contains Spoilers] Let us know in the comments some of your favorite scenes and what you are excited for in Season 2.

5. Daredevil (Man in the Mask) protects Karen and the Union Allied Flash Drive

Daredevil Fight

I like this scene because it reminds me how much dedication Daredevil has. For Pete’s Sake he fell through a window, had the crap beat out of him, managed to take his beating, get up, save Karen and the Union Allied Flash Drive while stopping the would be assassin.

4. The death of Wesley

Death of Wesley

Wesley was a villain that I respected because of his intense loyalty to Fisk, I was genuinely sad to see him killed off. The interaction between Wesley and Karen before his death was perfect, I expected something to happen to Karen not Wesley. The way she killed him and her psyche has me wondering more about her future role in the series.

3. Fisk cuts a head off with a car door

Wilson Fisk

This is the first time in the series you see Fisk unleash his anger and it was magnificent. In a fit of rage Fisk attacks Anatoly (the Russian mobster) for interrupting his date with Vanessa. This is the first on screen murder for Wilson Fisk and a complete change in tone for Fisk. Who up until this point remained in the shadows and kept his hands figuratively clean.

2. Hallway fight scene

Hallway fight

This hallway fight scene was an instant hit. It is reported by cast and crew that this fight scene took an entire day of prep and 12 takes to get this 3 minute fight scene as close to perfect as possible. Featured as the closing minutes of episode 2, this scene left the world wanting more. Catch the fight again below.

[Spoiler Alert]

There is rumored to be a hallway first scene in season 2 to pay homage to this scene.

1. Fight with Nobu

My favorite fight scene throughout the entire Netflix series puts Daredevil up against Nobu. A Japanese mobster working with Fisk to serve the agenda of The Hand, an ancient group of Ninjas rumored to play a major role in Season 2. If they are anything like Nobu, Daredevil will have his work cut out for him. Watch Daredevil barely make it out of the warehouse alive. (The video has been edited to create one fight scene in chronological order.)


Season 2 airs today on Netflix. Keep an eye out for our Daredevil season 2 review coming soon!


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