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Walking Dead Season 7

TWD Season 7 Musings and Questions

Fair warning: Spoilers and re-cap ahead.

It was a brutal season. From head to toe. From the ‘departure’ of well-liked characters at the start, all the way to last night’s tension pimple popping season ender. We followed our group as they went down the depths of total submission, all the way to a coalition building rebellion. That didn’t work 100% as planned. Apparently giving strangers a bunch of guns and letting them into your house wasn’t one of Rick’s greatest ideas. The season-ending fight wasn’t clean, and it wasn’t definitive. War rarely is. To someone who’s been watching the whole time, it appears they’re going to drag out the Negan show well into season 8. Perhaps further.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


For anyone who’s read the source material already knew that Sonequa Martin-Green’s hybrid character Sasha wasn’t long for the post-apocalyptic world. If you weren’t reading the books, then it didn’t help when news broke that she was cast in the new Star Trek: Discovery program. It’s questionable whether the readers of the comic figured that the Trash People from Sprockets were going to turn on Rick and the gang. The question remains, are there any surprises anymore?

I found I had more questions than answers. Those questions were less about cliffhangers. More just noodle scratchers.

For instance, why didn’t the bomb go off? Should we just attribute that to one of the Sprocket Garbage Gang not hooking up the garage door opener correctly? I’ll grant that one.

What were the 12 things promised to the Heapster’s Art Club leader lady? Why did she cave and settle for 10? Does this matter in any sort of way at all?

And she had Rick dead to rights. Why the hell didn’t she just pop him? She shot him in the kidney. He walked it off.

Why did Sasha such an emotional send-off? I mean, more than Glenn did?

Sasha died killing an extra. She sacrificed herself to save one extra person that day, and that didn’t work out. Plenty of Alexandria extras were offed. What a pisser. What a waste.

Did the show jump the shark with a leaping tiger attack? And if you thought that was original, Monty Python already did it. (“Self-Defence Against Fresh Fruit”)
And speaking of – how did the Kingdom and the Hilltop happen to arrive? Did they teleport through the walls? And they arrived, conveniently, at the EXACT same time? Maybe Sasha used some of her new gig’s Star Trek teleporters to help them out? The cavalry to the rescue is a pretty tired old trope.

At this point, I feel that I may be hate-watching this show. Probably because I’ve put too much time into it alr

eady, and the fact it will probably run longer than Dark Shadows. Hell, it might even give M*A*S*H a run for the money. Which adds a great question: How does it end? At some point, all the zombies will rot away. I assume. Then our heroes will only be left with small traitorous gangs and pontificating bad guys. I wonder if I’ll still be hate-watching that in my eighties.

The comments are on. Let’s hear your take on the thrills.

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