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Ok I’ll keep this brief, Singer needs to stop making X-Men movies!  From the beginning it was all over the place, even while the credits were rolling we saw trains, horses, historical events, worst of all a swastika all in some weird tubular opening credit scene to simulate the events in time.  So basically, just random things that didn’t pertain to the story at all.  He had successfully took my mind out of the movie before it started.

One of my on going issues with Singers X-Men is, Mystique.  In the comics she has been all over the place, Brotherhood of mutants, X-Men and others, but in Singers own Universe of X-Men movies (X1,X2,X3) she was bad and seemingly had no relation to Professor X.  It started in First class where we saw a good side of Raven/Mystique, but we know she wouldn’t stay that way and where just waiting for her to turn.  By the end of the movie she did, or so we thought.   The next movie, Days of Future Past, she was on her own saving mutants and helped save the world.  By the time the movie ends she basically is training the X-Men.  No continuity.  Maybe we finally see her change to 100% baddy in the next one, but I doubt it.  If JLaw is still wants to play her they will keep her fan friendly good till she is done playing the role.

They also incorporated weapon X in this movie (quite brilliantly actually), which is the only reason why I went to be honest.  The only problem I had with it is that they didn’t give him the full head gear.  I would have loved to see Hugh Jackman in that full on head piece, it would have made up for everything else wrong with the movie.  They obviously didn’t do that and mailed it in and only did a little weird head thing that was easily taken off by Jean.  As soon as I saw that I noticeably sighed in the the theater.




The story was ok at best and didn’t follow the comics at all, but since when does Singer care about that.  Quicksilver steals the show as he did in Days of Future Past, Psylocke was cool for the 3 minutes of screen time she got, and same with Angel.  Two things that I did like about the movie, is that they casted the young X-Men very well.  I liked Sophie Turner as Jean Grey, and Tye Sheridan, who plays Scott Summers/Cyclops, looks like a young Tom Hardy.  The second is that they got an amazing actor, Oscar Isaac, to play Apocalypse.  Glad to see they brought a quality actor to play one of the most icon villains in the X-Men Universe, but the real Apocalypse of this story is singer himself.  I give X-Men 2 stars.2stars

Unfortunately I have to leave you with some sad news, we are going to have to suffer through another Singer Dark Phoenix storyline.



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