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I took the family to see Disney’s new offering “Zootopia” last night. It’s by Byron Howard (Tangled) and Rich Moore (Simpsons, Wreck-it-Ralph) which were both pleasant Disney films that the entire team enjoyed – and I particularly liked Ralph, so I figured if this wasn’t a home run it would, at least, be a third base level of good.

I had already created stereotypes and preconceptions in my mind about what this film was going to be and there would be some level of pulpit squeezed into a big pile of future plush animal toys at a premium price at the Disney Store. It seems stereotypes, preconceptions, and personal identity were what they were selling on the screen. Perhaps this was the Mouse House’s 21st-century antidote to “Song of the South.” On the bonus side, there’s a sprinkle of mismatched buddy cop – think “Lethal Weapon” and every other film in the 80’s – and detective noir that’s more “Big Lebowski” than “Chinatown.” That comes down to a who-dun-it for the adults and an empowering ‘yes you can’ and ‘don’t be quick to judge’ message for the kiddos.

It’s Jason Bateman (Teen Wolf Too) as the sly fox Nick Wilde and Gennifer Goodwin (ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ as Snow White, HBO’s ‘Big Love’) as fresh Police Academy graduate Judy Hopps as they discover the razor edge of PC sensitivity and racial profiling of the predators and prey as they attempt to evolve and co-exist in the lofty city filled with zones, not unlike the city zoo. Hence, Zootopia.

I kept wondering what the predators ate…  I still don’t know.

Bottom line, there’s a lot of preaching but there are a few really great gags: one involving the DMV, and a massive “Breaking Bad” reference that made me shout a laugh over the crowd. “It’s far from Frozen,” noted my nine-year-old daughter but my five-year-old boy now counts it as one of his favorite films. I’d recommend this over the dreck that comes out of other studios but note that this one has a constant drum beat for everyone to have gender-free multiculturally nondiscriminatory thoughts.

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